Advantage plans or supplement plans. What are they and which is right for you?

Under Age 65

You have several options to help cover the high cost of healthcare: Apply for ACA compliant major medical coverage through the Marketplace; Apply for short-term coverage for as long as 3 years; Enroll in a healthcare cost sharing plan.

Dental and Vision

Looking for coverage but not sure what?  Shop for dental and vision here.

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We strive to educate our clients about their options for health insurance.

How We Do It

We review your specific needs and clearly explain options available to you.



I graduated from college and worked for years in the publishing field – but could not make sense of Medicare and what was right for me.  Meeting with Jerry cleared up my confusion and I now have the coverage that I need.

Steve G.

“When I started looking at all the various Medicare plans that were out there, I was totally confused about which plan was best for me. Jerry cleared up the muddy water.”

Mark J.

“I am really happy I talked to Jerry before signing up. He kept me from making a big mistake.”

Dana D.

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Jerry Fidanza, serving Metro Atlanta since 2013
Jerry Fidanza, serving Metro Atlanta since 2013